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Avast virus question gay?!?
hey i was on google and i searched for keywords "gay hot list" for some porn, and when the search results came back avast popped up telling me that a trojan had been found called:

JS:ScriptSH-inf [Trj]

I thought this was odd on a google search results page....

can someone tell me if they experiece the same thing if they use avast? and also whats causing it a false positive?

That's random.
But I've gone on Google before, and Avast has asked me whether I wanted to open it or not, because of a possible security risk.
That's what you get for having free anti-virus software I guess.
I'd ignore it.
Is it weird to talk about hot guys with a gay friend?
I'm a girl, he's gay... sometimes we go back and forth listing hot guys :P not in real life, but from the media and stuff. Is this weird?

And oh btw I fully support him and care for him no matter what his sexuality is, just sayin.
Honey,i have plenty of gay Friends and we love to talk about guys.
That goes to bisexuals and lezbians. (i have plenty of homosexual friends)
We all be staring at girls (not my gay friends XD) or guys ^_^
It's fun XD So no i dont find it weird at all. but if people do watever :D
Hot? or Not! Whose on your list...?
Ok so just for my own personal enjoyment, i want to here your hot or not list, as in guys you think are hot and not, gay straight doesnt matter......
For me

Hot: Jesse Metcelfe (John Tucker Must Die, Desperate Housewives)
Not: Clay Aiken (If you dont know him your an iddiot...)

So what are yours???
p.s. feel free to agrue if u think someone doesnt deserve to be on the hot or not list....
You better add Jensen Ackles on your hot…
LGBT: Name hot gay/lesbian celebrities?
Name as much as you can!...NO bisexuals, like megan 'slut" fox, etc
and I.m tired people saying Niel Patrick Harris is hot, no he isnt.
Heres my list
Luke Mcfarlane
Ryan Barry
Reichen Leikmehl
Craigery Morgan
Lance Bass
Ricky Martin...anymore?
Ricky Martin, man that guy is fine as hell. I guess Ellen DeGeneres is hot in her own way... and maybe Jake Glyenhall,no not because of BrokeBack Mountain, but people are starting to have there suspicions.
Will hot gay men be added to America's Most Wanted ?
Will drop-dead, gorgeous, homosexual men soon be added to America’s Most Wanted list?

With their killer-eyes, to-die-for bodies and heart-stopping smiles are they not a potential threat to national security?

Can they be arrested for involuntary manslaughter if someone who sees them really does drop dead of a massive coronary?

What do you think?
LOL I hope not! Because the people that are on that list are rather scary and not worth me drooling over. The hot gay men will hopefully use their powers for good and not evil... You know like covering their faces and bodies at times when they look better than their best. I think if they work us into being able to see how truly hot they are, no one will go into shock or die from their hotness. Let's just hope my idea works, as I don't want to be stuck with only like Clay Gayken *blah*, as we know he won't make the list...
Things that stright boys say and do that gets them on my gay watch list!?
like when they say ( Oh those shoes are hot......... NO HOMO!!!) like wtf. or (That doesnt look real. it looks fake and gay.) why does it have to be fake and gay. and its allways the ugly *** boys thats missing some damn teeth is ugly as hell that think a gay boy wants them. im like wtf i do not want yo ugly ***. or when they like to slap each other on the but all the damn time and like to do the nast *** meat check ****. that puts you on my watch list for ever if you do that (tell some things that stright boys or girls say or do that puts them on you watch list)
I like to watch guys that take care of themselves...
LGBT: A list of gay films?
Hi. :)

Okay, well I'm looking for two lists actually. Firstly, can anyone send me a link to a list of gay films that are romantic and emotional, and secondly, has anyone got a few good ideas of gay films that are funny and sexual and stuff?? ;) I don't watch any gay films, except from one which was good enough..But I just was curious and wanted to see how people portray the LGBT in movies. And also, to watch some hot guys. ;)
Romantic: Maurice, A Single Man, My Beautiful Laundrette, Beautiful Thing, Latter Days

Funny: Adam and Steve, Another Gay Movie, Another Gay Sequel, The Closet (about a man pretending to be gay, but very funny)

Action: Burnt Money, Flesh and Blood (these are nice because they portray manly, fighting men)

There are A LOT of gay movies out there, unfortunately many of them are stupid and/or poorly made. Go the Netflix site and surf through the Gay/Lesbian section
Is Michelle Obama really on Maxim's Hot 100 list for 2009?
She is so ugly and looks like a draq queen. Obama sleeps with Reggie Love rather than with her. Yet, the media is trying to convince us that she is not only stylish but beautiful. Oprah Winfrey has dispatched her award-winning make-up and hair people to make her look like a woman. Michelle Medusa needs a full time make-up artist to help her look less scary. I know Maxim's editors are all gay men- maybe they mistook her for a guy in drag. The propaganda machine is in full overdrive trying to sell us this nonsense. Please help me understand this insanity. I know that there are some people out there with a brain and are not easily deceived by following the pied piper.
She's not ugly... she's just not conventionally beautiful. She is a highly intelligent, highly successful woman who has managed to break countless barriers across the board- & not just in the way of color. Not to mention a dedicated mother. You don't have to agree with her politics to give her credit where it is due. She's attractive in a number of ways- you just need to stop comparing her to the average supermodel.

Success+brains= sexy

I have seen her in person & I can tell you she is striking. She is very tall & radiant. Pictures don't do her justice.
What is in your GTA IV Ballad of Gay Tony Wish list?
Since the game is going to be all glitzy with chrome and high end nightlife style and pistols with gold finishes chose something within reason!

Weapons:Machete,Decorative .357 Revolver with a Chrome finish,G36c,Stinger or any other Man-pad missile launcher that has to be locked on to fire,P90,FN-Scar,All the new weapons from The Lost and the Damned so that covers a wide variety of Shotguns,ump.45,Barrett .50cal,Special Gold finish Desert Eagle or any other special version of the weapons with gold or chrome finishes.

Vehicles:Mustang GT,Smart Car,SCION XB,Jeep Wrangler or Commander,Euro-copter Panther,A better version of the Annihilator.Urban Control Tanks,APCs

Places:A new Mafia run Weapon store with all of the weapons in every expansion pack,New clothing stores(A redneck-biker store,A Hot-Topic like store,An Abercrombie like store,A ghetto store in Bohan) and also the original stores like MODO,the two Persius,and Russian Shop but with some new stuff.

Also to be able to buy ghetto apartments for a start in Bohan
High end apartments in MiddlePark and The Exchange
Regular suburbie houses in Broker
and Mansions in North Alderney

Thats my wishlist!
My wish list well its not as big as yours.

Weapons: M60, M16/M4 with grenade launcher, Throwing knife would have been cool, Gold desert Eagle, Mines.

Vehicles: Mustang GT, Jeep, Basically.

Places: Don't know, Oh a Army base!

Clothes: Gloves, more shades, biker clothes, more hats.

Thats my list =)

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